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Samsung SSD SM825 Enterprise SSD Review

The Samsung SSD SM825 is an enterprise-grade SSD that’s designed specifically for write-intensive data center workloads. Like all Samsung SSDs, the SM825 leverages all of Samsung’s in-house expertise including their own eMLC NAND, 3-core controller and specialized firmware that helps to deliver 7,000 TBW, 100 times what’s often seen in standard MLC NAND, while being more cost effective and delivering near-parity performance with SLC NAND. The net result is 4K random write steady state speeds we measured in excess of 9,800 IOPS and sequential 2MB write speeds topping 200MB/s.

In the enterprise market Samsung leverages two completely in-house flash solutions aimed at datacenters needing products for different workloads. For the read-intensive segment Samsung offers the PM830, closely resembling the client-branded SSD 830, but with customized firmware intended for heavier continuous workloads. Packaged with MLC NAND, the PM830 is capable of up to 60TBW with speeds topping 500MB/s utilizing a SATA 6.0Gb/s interface.

For business segments that need an SSD with greater endurance for more write-intensive loads Samsung has the SM825, which offers up to 7,000 TBW. In this setting buyers are most interested in sustained performance over weeks, months, or years, where steady-state performance reigns supreme. While lower than the burst figures on the PM830, the Samsung SM825 is capable of pushing 200MB/s write and 10,000 random write IOPS until taken out of service. At first glance you might ask why it only has a SATA 3.0Gb/s interface, but looking at the steady-state performance numbers, it doesn’t need that extra bandwidth to get the job done.

Going beyond read and write performance, the SM825 represents a higher level of reliability as well, with a MTBF of 2 million hours versus 1.5 on the PM830. Another big difference is the listed Uncorrectable Bit Error Rate or UBER, measuring 1 in 10 17 on the SM825 to 1 in 10 15 on the PM830. The SM825 also takes advantage of internal cache power protection through the use of capacitors to flush out information in DRAM to NAND in the event of a power failure. When passing a significantly higher amount of data through the life of the SSD, having fewer errors and lower failure rates means saved time and money in the datacenter.

The SM825 uses a SATA 3.0Gb/s interface, along with and industry standard 2.5 form factor and 15mm drive-height. It is available in three capacities, 100GB, 200GB and 400GB; with our review model being the 200GB capacity. Other highlights include AES 256-bit encryption, 30nm E-MLC Toggle NAND, 256MB SDRAM cache, cache power protection and a brushed metal design.

Samsung SSD SM825 Technical Specifications:

  • Capacities Offered
  • 100GB — MZ5EA100HMDR-00003 (128Gb NAND Density)
  • 200GB — MZ5EA200HMDR-00003 (128Gb NAND Density)
  • 400GB — MZ5EA400HMFP-00003 (256Gb NAND Density)
  • Form Factor — 2.5 inches
  • SATA 3.0Gb/s (Native Command Queuing 32 Depth Supported)
  • Samsung S3C29MAX01-Y330 3-core ARM controller
  • Samsung K9HDGD8U5M-HCE0 E-MLC 30nm-class Toggle DDR NAND Flash memory
  • Samsung K4T2G314QF-MCF7 256MB DDR2-800 SDRAM cache memory
  • AES-256 Encryption
  • MTBF — 2 million hours
  • Uncorrectable Bit Error Rate (UBER) — 1 in 10 17
  • Sustained Performance — 400GB
    • Sustained Data Read. 250MB/s
    • Sustained Data Write. 220MB/s (110MB/s for 100GB)
    • Random Read IOPS. 43K IOPS
    • Random Write IOPS. 11K IOPS (5.5K IOPS for 100GB)
    • Power Consumption (measured with 100% random 4K read/write workload)
      • Read. 1.8 Watts
      • Write. 3.4 Watts
      • Idle. 1.3 Watts
      • Write Endurance
        • 100GB. 1,700TBW
        • 200GB. 3,500TBW
        • 400GB. 7,000TBW
        • Cache Power Protection
        • Unpowered Data Retention — 3 months
        • Dimensions — 100 x 69.85 x 15mm
        • Weight — 140-146g
        • Design and Disassembly

          Samsung has a way of giving every one of their products a compelling and stylish design, even if it is going to be hidden away for 99.9% of its usable life. We saw this trend on the last two consumer SSDs from Samsung including the SSD 470 and SSD 830; both with colorful designs that set themselves apart from other SSDs on the market.

          While we wouldn’t say that good design is a reason to buy a specific SSD, it may make you take pause thinking that if they give that level of attention to the outside of the case, what surprises are in store for parts you can’t see?

          The Samsung SSD SM825 Enterprise SSD features a brushed metal design which is pointed out even inside the technical manual. The body is metal alloy, with sturdy cast design and walls measuring 1.75mm thick, enough to withstand walking on it without even flexing the case. At first glance you might wonder why a case was design like this considering it could be made out of plastic and still be as sturdy; it’s because the body is also the heatsink for the components inside the SSD.

          The top and bottom cover have large thermal pads in place to draw heat from the NAND, controller, SDRAM, and capacitors and shed it into the case which then radiates its thermal energy into the chassis of the server it’s installed in. With power usage topping 5 watts under maximum activity, being able to shed heat off of internal electronics is an important consideration when the product installation might be above 5 years of continuous service. Thermal efficiency is also a big selling point as buyers consider SSDs vs. high speed hard drives that have considerably higher cooling expense associated with them.

          Knowing what parts are inside an SSD is almost as important as the performance it gives when in service. The difference between MLC and Enterprise MLC (eMLC) NAND is about 6,940 TBW usable life. With the write-heavy environment the Samsung SSD SM825 is tuned for, Samsung equips the drive properly including Samsung’s own eMLC 30nm-class Toggle DDR NAND buffered with 256MB of Samsung DDR2-800 SDRAM, and managed by Samsung’s three-core S3C29MAX01-Y330 ARM controller. By manufacturing all components Samsung in-house, they can pick the highest grade components and have complete hardware and software integration that might otherwise be missed if relying on outside companies for core components.

          Data protection in the event of a power failure is handled by four large ultra-capacitors that allow data to be flushed out of the SDRAM when incoming power is lost. When installed in a system, these capacitors require a maximum of 55 seconds to charge, which during that time the cache buffer is disabled (write-through mode). Once the capacitors are up and running, the SSD enters its normal operating mode where cache is fully functioning and able to have enough time to flush to NAND in the event of a power failure. To explain this behavior Samsung provides a diagram in their technical manual outlining this process.

          Enterprise Benchmarks

          Flash media needs to be tested in a different manner than standard platter drives and even client-based SSDs. Flash performance changes the longer you write to a drive and speeds taper down until the drive hits its steady state speed. In an enterprise setting, initial burst is hardly relevant if after one hour of use the drive is no longer getting that speed. This is where steady state benchmarking comes in, showing how the drive performs when under a 24/7 load. For this reason, all of the following benchmarks were pre-conditioned and recorded in a steady-state mode.

          We benchmarked the 200GB Samsung SSD SM825 (SATA, eMLC NAND) against the 100GB Micron P300 (SATA, SLC NAND) and 400GB Toshiba MKx001GRZB (SAS, SLC NAND) to give a balanced comparison of SSDs buyers would see in the same write-intensive enterprise category. We also used our new testing platform and methodology to benchmark the SM825 to accurately represent its capabilities. The enterprise testing platform used in this review is a Lenovo ThinkServer RD240, equipped with dual Intel Xeon X5650 processors, running Windows Server 2008 R2. For single-drive benchmarks we connect each SSD through an LSI SAS 9211-8i HBA to measure performance without any influence of caching. All IOMeter figures are represented as binary figures for MB/s speeds.

          Our first test looks at the speed in a sequential write environment with large block transfers. This particular test uses a 2MB transfer size with IOMeter, with 4k sector alignment and measures performance with a queue depth of 4. In this scenario Samsung claims a read speed of 250MB/s and a steady-state write speed of 200MB/s for their 400GB SM825. We expect the lower capacity 200GB review model to come in below those quoted figures.

          We measured a steady-state read speed of 193MB/s and a write speed of 206MB/s. These were lower than the SATA/SAS 6.0Gb/s Micron and Toshiba SLC counterparts, but that was expected.

          Moving to a random access profile, but still maintaining a large block transfer size of 2MB, we start to see how performance varies in a multi-user environment. This test keeps the same queue depth level of 4 that we used in the prior sequential transfer benchmark.

          In the 2MB random transfer test the steady-state speeds measured 174MB/s read and 86MB/s write. The read speeds tapered off slightly from the pure sequential test, but what was surprising was the 86MB/s write speed that came in above the Toshiba SSD and under the Micron P300. Samsung wasn’t kidding when they said this drive could compete at a similar level to SLC-based SSDs.

          Moving to an even smaller random access transfer size of 4K, we get closer to the packet size that might be found in a heavy random access environment such as a server setting with multiple VMs accessing the same array. In the first test we look at expanded 4K read performance and how it scales from a queue depth of 1 to a maximum of 64.

          Samsung listed a peak sustained random 4K read speed of 35,000 IOPS with the 400GB model, with speeds expected to lower on the smaller capacities. At its peak, our 200GB SM825 measured 30,510 at a queue depth of 16, and held at that level through a queue depth of 64.

          Our next test looks at 4K random write performance at a static queue depth of 32 and results are recorded and averaged once the drives have reached steady-state. While IOPS performance is a good metric to measure steady-state performance, another key area of interest is around average and peak latency. Higher peak latency figures can mean certain requests can backed up under heavy continuous access.

          We measured a steady-state 4K random write speed of 9,847 IOPS on our 200GB SM825, which came in very close to the 10,000 IOPS sustained figure Samsung lists on the 400GB model. At this speed it passed an average of 38MB/s of data with an average latency of 3.25ms. During this test it had a peak response time of 61.43ms.

          Our last series of synthetic benchmarks compare both enterprise drives in a series of server mixed-workloads with a static queue depth of 32. Like the synthetic benchmarks at the start of this review, these tests are also measured in steady state. Each of our server profile tests has a strong preference towards read activity, ranging from 67% read with our database profile to 100% read in our web server profile.

          The first is our database profile, with a 67% read and 33% write workload mix primarily centered on 8K transfer sizes.

          The Samsung SSD SM825 measured an average speed of 15,589 IOPS, which wasn’t too far behind the SLC-based counterparts. It trailed the Toshiba SSD in this scenario by a gap of about 25%.

          The next profile looks at a file server, with 80% read and 20% write workload spread out over multiple transfer sizes ranging from 512-byte to 64KB.

          The eMLC-based Samsung SM825 still trailed the SLC-based Toshiba by 22.9% in the file server profile, but was only 7.3% slower than the Micron P300.

          Our web server profile is read-only with a spread of transfer sizes from 512-byte to 512KB.

          With the much stronger read speeds of the SATA/SAS 6.0Gb/s Toshiba MKx001GRZB and Micron P300 the Samsung SM825 fell behind in the read-only Webserver profile. It had an average speed of 12,199 IOPS compared to 16,584 IOPS from the P300 and 24,193 from the Toshiba.

          The last profile looks at a workstation, with a 20% write and 80% read mixture using 8K transfers.

          The workstation profile was easily the hardest one on the eMLC-based SM825, with the SLC SSDs showing much greater strength in this situation. The SM825 pulled through with a speed of 6,443 IOPS compared to 22,926 IOPS from the P300 and 26,337 IOPS with the Toshiba.

          Enterprise Power Consumption

          When it comes to choosing drives for the datacenter or other densely-packed storage environment, performance isn’t the only metric companies are interested in when looking at SSDs or hard drives. Power consumption can be a huge deal in certain cases, so it makes sense that you would want to know how a drive would perform under a constant workload. One of the key messages Samsung is pushing behind the SM825 is low power consumption. Compared to traditional 15K SAS hard drives, the SM825 idles at 1.8 watts compared to 8.5 watts of a 15K RPM hard drive, a massive reduction in power. In active usage with a 4K random 70% read / 30% write mixture the power use jumps to 12.6 watts with the hard drive and 3.2 watts with the SM825. These numbers are huge when computing TCO; 22 IOPS/watt when active for the hard drive, while the SM825 hums away with 7,200 IOPS/watt.

          In the Enterprise Power section of this review, we look at each drive under the same conditions we used to test the read and write speeds in earlier. This includes sequential and random 2MB transfers with a queue depth of 4 and small random 4K read and write transfers at a queue depth of 32. As with our previous tests we are measuring all figures in a steady-state to put the drive into its most power-hungry conditions.

          Under all conditions except start-up, the Samsung SSD SM825 used 5.11 watts or less. The most power hungry activity for the SM825 was sequential QD4 2MB write, using 5.11 watts averaged over the duration of the test. Second was random 4K QD32 write, third was sequential QD4 read and 4K QD32 steady read coming in fourth. During heavy-write activity the Samsung SSD SM825 used just under the amount of power the SAS 6.0Gb/s Toshiba MKx001GRZB required, although power quickly tapered off to much lower levels, near parity with the Micron P300, under read-heavy loads.

          A large push for an eMLC SSD in a datacenter environment is around cost per GB and IOPS/Watt. We calculated a figure of 14,980 IOPS/watt in pure random 4K read at a queue depth of 32, dropping to 2,042 IOPS/watt if you instead look at steady 4K random write. This compared to 38,481 IOPS/watt read or 10,119 IOPS/watt write on the Micron P300 or 16,385 IOPS/watt read or 3,082 IOPS/watt write on the Toshiba. It really comes down to the needs of the business, finding the best blend of power to performance (or just straight performance) that factors in when buying the SSD or hard drive.

          As we know, in enterprise environments, SSDs are more about sustained performance over the life of the drive than raw burst speeds. We’re also seeing a shift from more expensive SLC SSDs to cost effective eMLC SSDs as enterprise users look for the ideal spot on their performance/TCO curve. The industry has made it clear that eMLC NAND has the staying power to live in data centers and Samsung further backs this message with their SM825 boasting 7,000 TBW in the 400GB capacity.

          With the move to eMLC comes an expected drop in performance when compared to SSDs using SLC NAND. To Samsung’s credit, they mitigate this to the extent that they can by selecting the best NAND from their fabs. They also use their own processor and have engineers to build custom firmware, so the package as a whole works in concert, which means better performance, reliability and compatibility. In our testing we found the SM825 to offer most of the performance of an SLC SSD in several situations. In Database and File Server profiles the SM825 trailed the SLC Toshiba MKx001GRZB by 25% and 22.9% respectively. In the read-intensive Webserver profile and workstation scenario, the SM825 trailed by greater amounts working out to 49.6% and 75.5%, but to be fair, this SSD isn’t engineered for that particular workload.

          At the start of this review we mentioned the primary targe market for this drive is enterprise. As more hours and TBs get logged on SSDs, buyers are able to figure out what drive best fits their usage scenarios; be it MLC, eMLC, or SLC. With huge price gaps seperating each, it makes a great deal of sense to get the one that best fits your TCO model. The Samsung SSD SM825 equipped with eMLC NAND is able to fit the bill of a write-inteinsive enterprise-grade SSD but still comes in at a much lower price-point compared to its SLC competition. For businesses that fit the model of speed/usage, buying this drives makes sense, in other situations it does not.

          • Complete in-house solution
          • Strong 10K IOPS steady-state random 4K
          • 7,000TBW from 400GB model
          • Slower SATA 3.0Gb/s read speeds give up speed in read-heavy scenarios compared to SAS and SATA 6.0Gb/s SLC SSDs

          Given the data center usage scenario for which the Samsung SM825 SSD was created, the drive held up well, delivering nearly 10,000 IOPS in steady state random 4K testing. The lower cost eMLC and SATA interface highlight the value proposition, while Samsung’s own NAND, controller, cache DRAM and custom firmware drive solid performance, reliability and compatibility — all things that matter a great deal given the long duty life expected for this SSD. The SM825 ends up providing a great mix of features and will surely make many a shortlist as enterprise buyers look to save more money by fitting more targeted SSDs in specific use scenarios.

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          Задать вопрос

          1009F — How much disassembly to restore STOP function?

          1009F — How much disassembly to restore STOP function?

          I shelved a Dual 1009F five years ago because of a dead channel. Fixed that issue but now found another.

          Putting the function lever to the START position works properly but moving it to STOP does nothing unless I give the base a good smack. For a short time, moving the lever to STOP position did work but only if the table was started manually. That is no longer so and the same goes for end of play arm return. It would return to rest in MANUAL mode, not after auto START but does so no longer.

          If I activate the START function then move the lever to STOP, I can get the STOP cycle to engage by moving the cam gear ever so slightly with my finger. It seems that it or some other component is not returning to an exact position.

          Without disassembling anything, I cleaned and lubricated all areas accessable from underneath the chassis. However, there does appear to be a mechaism on the top side of the cam gear. Could be wrong but from what I can see of it through chassis holes, it seems to be associated with arm function.

          Any advice on how to remove the cam gear for thorough cleaning would be greatly appreciated.

          The 1009/1019 Service Manuals show expoded views of all the parts but does not detail the removal/replacement order. I am reluctant to just dive in and start taking things apart.

          A good step by step guide is posted on theis forum for a 1229 and I used it to fix the speed control on one of those but unfortunately removing the cam gear was not described. Even if it was, it’s probably likely a 1009F and 1229 are disimilar enough that it would not have applied.

          If I’m looking in the wrong spot to get the STOP and arm return function working again, I’m all ears.

          Click image to download PDF

          Document sans nom it hl lUfi. T If f*i’.-V

          • AlphaPaint

          • Genie Tools

          • Final Data

          • An Interview with Nova Design

          • Subwar 2050 g The Latest Leader?

          Using Moving Textures ¦ in Aladdin-4D, p.38 The Commodore Game, p.58 ImageFX, p.28 CONTENTS 5 NEW PRODUCTS and other neat stuff The DraCo Amiga Clone, Video Toaster Secrets, and over 30 other Amiga announcements round out this month’s new products.

          14 Genie Tools by R. Shamms Morlier Add on functionality for Aladdin 4D.

          16 AlphaPaint by R. Shamms Mortier A review of Innovision Technology’s 24- bit plus Alpha Channel painting program for the Video Toaster user.

          21 An Interview with Nova Design by R. Shamms Mortier An interview with Bob Fisher, the Marketing Director and spokesperson.

          28 ImageFX 2.0 by R. Shamms Mortier ImageFX 2.0 is the most significant upgrade that any Amiga image processing program has gone through in years.

          35 Fred Fish The new Fred Fish Disks-Beyond 1000.

          A quick look at the next 40 disks.

          38 Using Moving Textures in Aladdin-4D by R. Shamms Mortier Of all of the CD collections of textures that I’ve seen thus far, this one from Precision Computer Graphics is the absolute cat’s pajamas hottest. 40 Accelerate Your A4000 or A3000 by Douglas Nakakihara The top-end of the WarpEngine line features ’040 CPUs running at 40MFIz which can triple the speed of a 4000 and improve a 3000’s performance by a factor of nearly eight!

          42 On Line by Rob Hays This month we will take a look at several different utilities available for downloading from your favorite communications service.

          46 PD Update by Henning Vahlenkamp This month’s column marks the beginning of PD Update’s second year and includes a table of 1994 software updates plus a look at FileX 2.0, ImageStudio 1.1.0, Klondike Deluxe AG A II and Tetris Duel.

          48 FinalData by Merrill Callaway A review of the database manager program, FinalData, by SoftWood, Inc. 58 The Commodore Game Three companies race toward the final resolution of a multi-national corporation with a dark horse contender in the lead, 64 SUBWAR 2050 p.14 An Interview with Nova Design, p.21 TEXTURE GRLLEflV

          • B BEO-ROH sef of 1.3 gigabqfes [if lexfures designed for

          graphic arfists on m computer platform g

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          handling BID North Hlma School Road — Suite l [handler.

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          Printed In the U.S.A. Entire contents copyright 1995 by PIM Publications. Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from PiM Publications, Inc, Additional First Class or Air Mail rales available upon request. PiM Publications, inc. maintains Ihe right to refuse any advertising.

          PiM Publications Inc. Is not obllgoted to return unsolicited materials. All requested returns must be received with a seff-addressed stamped mailer.

          Send article submissions in both manuscript and disk format with your name, address, telephone, and Social Security Number on each to the Associate Editor. Requests for Author’s Guides should bo directed to the address listed above, AMIGA™ is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga. Inc. Commodore Business Machines. International CBM Is currently for sole!

          Distributed in the U.S. Ste 204, Solona Beach, CA 92075 1226 Heil Quaker Blvd. La Verne TN 37086 Printed in U.S.A. Circle 116 an Reader Service card.

          EmpLQnT The World’s First Multi-Platform Emulation System!

          Tlmridjy, Jw. 12, 19ft.

          IsfEOTinZi iw; Hirrflhlt FIWi H beard Vidro tttM. (hrr OytlHrt = CcnyiU = Confuter Kam; flnertcan Megatrend* BIOS ftmfaclurtr; tatmin ttegitrends BIOS Semen: BIOS Catesery i IBH PC AT BIOS 113 Setes; rC B! * BIOS fate; 11711 % processor; 486SX lUtb Coprocessor! Internal leybcard; Mcn-Erhanced Bus Type; ISA H CUssic Bus DMA Controller; Vti Cascaded m2: tti BIOS Seta Segnenl I How_ 😉 Inyui DuiMt 🙂 Resident nap Alidivt i Marti t or war Microsoft’s System Diagnostic ¦ * Protected EGS-Spectrum, Vivid-24, iinbow II, Rainbow Hi, Visiona Paint, Merlin, Retina, Retina 23,

          Piccolo, EGS110 24, and OpalVision! Built in multiple file transfer allows for quick, sy transfers between the Amiga and MAC emulation.

          Jtilities Unlimited International. Inc. Four different versions of EMPLANT are available, ranging in price from $ 279.95 to $ 399.95 790 N. Lake Havasu Avenue 16 Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 U.S.A.

          (602) 680-9004 24hr order line

          (602) 453-6407 24hr Fax line E586DX module — $ 99.95 (Requires

          base EMPLANT system.)

          (602) 680-9234 Technical support dept. All emulation modules

          require an Amiga with

          (602) 453-9767 24hr BBS (2400-14.4K) Zorro II slots, and a 68020

          (or later) CPU.

          (602) 453-3909 24hr BBS (14.4K-28.8K) DEALER INQUIRES WELCOME!

          EDITORIAL mm The Changes in the Amiga Market Last issue, I wrote that the Amiga market was in a state of change and that Amazing Computing was going to be flexible in order to meet that change. At the time, I was fairlv confident, but! Was not prepared for how radically things would change.

          We re late for the second and last time!

          First, I would like to apologize for the delay in an AC issue for the second time.

          Originally, we had planned for this issue to be a week late as ice revised our schedule.

          However, once again, as the issue was going to press, we began to hear rumors. Instead of the regular deluge of Commodore liquidation stories and deadlines, we began to receive advertising request calls from our competitor’s main clients. Within a few short hours, we began receiving calls from virtually everyone who had an interest in Amiga.

          AmigaWorld was halting production.

          There would be no May issue. Apparently, the staff at AntigaWorld reached their decision, informed their advertisers, and then issued a press release: AmigaWorld Ceases Publication Readers Offered Choice of Options Peterborough, NH (March 2, 1995) — TechMedia Publishing announced today that it will cease publication of AmigaWorld, the leading magazine serving users of the Commodore Amiga computer, as of its April 1995 issue.

          TechMedia will offer current readers two positive options to replace AmigaWorld, commented Dale Strang, TechMedia President. We feel it is im- portantto offer our customers the editorial quality they have become accustomed to from AmigaWorld over the past ten years. The offer will consist of two other IDG publications, both of which contain editorial inline with the needs of Amiga users.” Strang explained that this difficult business decision was a result of the deteriorating state of the Amiga market.

          Because of the Commodore liquidation there has been no new Amiga technology developed in the last year, which translates into no new vendors or readers entering the marketplace. The Amiga platform has lost considerable position in the highly competitive digital video multimedia nichein which it wasa major player, commented Strang.

          AmigaWorld’s Heritage It cannot be denied that AmigaWorld contributed a great deal to the Amiga community. Their presence in the market, backed by the power of IDG made them a formidable competitor, Tire power of IDG made it possible for AmigaWorld to finance expansion and distribution that independent magazines such as AC could not match.

          AmigaWorld used their position in many ways to help the Amiga expand in the marketplace. They were instrumental in the growth of the Amiga trade show, AmiEXPO, which was originated bv the New York Amiga User Group, AMUSE. They sponsored contests, created books, and produced videos.

          All of these activities provided exposure for the Amiga. In truth, outside of television advertising (which Commodore did sparingly), AW probably did more advertising in North America than Commodore.

          It Ain’t Necessarily So While I have utmost respect for Dale Strang and his very professional staff, obviously there are several statements in AmigaWorld’. press release to which 1 take exception. Aside from our individual conceptions of magazine leadership and editorial philosophies, I believe AW looked at the Amiga market from the wrong perspective and then drew the wrong conclusions.

          Yes, the Amiga has been out of production for a long time and this does mean that there are very few new users (some new users will come into the market as older users sell their Amigas). But, on the next page, we begin one of the largest new product sections we have ever published.

          From the DraCo Amiga clone to the newest Fred Fish CD ROM, there is activity in this market.

          No, the activity is not coming from a main computer manufacturer. It is coming from the hundreds of small developers who have always worked hard to keep the Amiga going. While Commodore did very little to promote or expand the Amiga, third party developers created hundreds of tools and applications to make things happen. Our task at AC has always been to support these efforts.

          An Opportunity!

          Let’s be honest. As much as we respect and appreciate AmigaWorld’s contribution, we appreciate ours more. With the news that AW would not produce a May issue, we knew that their advertisers would need a place to advertise and we were more than happy to oblige. But it was not all mercenary. There were valid philanthropic reasons.

          The news of A W’s departure could have demoralized an already uncomfortable market. If a giant like AW ceased to function, could the rest of the market compete? Would AC be ready to take the place of AW and offer vendors a workable alternative? We had to answer these questions quickly and effectively.

          The first thing we did was lower prices.

          Instead of taking advantage of the situation.

          We created an opportunity tor Amiga vendors to remain in the Amiga market at a lower rate. The next thing we did was call on advertisers.

          Although I have always maintained a hard and fast rule that editorial and advertising would not mix, this was different.

          I had to contact these people personally and convince them that not only was AC serious about the market, but that we had their best interests in mind. Yes, I did receive a few offers from people who would he glad to advertise if we could assure them that their review would be in that issue those I was forced to decline.

          However, the majority of the market reacted favorably to the offers and the opportunity- I received several unsolicited calls and, even after the advertising closed, I received calls from vendors who wanted to know what they could do to help us.

          Amiga Morph The Amiga market is changing and not all of the changes are bad. The feeling in the community is that the Amiga needs the cooperation of its users and vendors and AC will do all it can to promote the positive aspects of these changes, We have a tremendous amount of work to do. Our efforts are concentrated on providing a medium that will inform the reader and provide a viable marketplace for the advertiser. While this has always been our goal, the nature of the Amiga market demands that we use every opportunity to make this happen.

          Escom As a final irony to the entire episode, we learned, while this issue was going to press, that Escom had signed an agreement with Commodore’s liquidators. AC is one of the few magazines capable of replacing copy and getting the story to the public in record time.

          The story is in this issue, now it is up to our printer to finish the process.

          Within the next month, the Commodore sale could easily be completed and all of us in the Amiga community will have a better idea of where the Amiga is headed. I know that we have heard this before, but there is much more than hope here.

          One of the most asked questions we have heard through this is, Will AC continue? We have no choice, as long as the Amiga market needs us we will bo here to support it. Hard work and diligence does sometimes payoff.

          The DraCo Amiga Clone, Video Toaster Secrets, and over 30 other Amiga announcements.

          NEW PRODUCTS and other neat ztaffi The following are press releases and news announcements from Amiga vendors and others. While Amazing Computing maintains the right to edit these entries, the statements, etc. made in these reports are those of the vendors and not Amazing Computing magazine.

          Avec Flight Recorder BMD-US has announced the release of the Avec Flight Recorder, and expansion chassis manufactured by CBI. Used for NewTek’s Video Toaster Flyer®. The unit has 5 full length slots, 3 half length slots, 3-5.25 exposed drive bays, 2-3.5′ exposed drive bays, 3-3.5 concealed drive bays, 3 internal SCSI cable sets, a 200+ watt power supply and 2 cooling fans. It is designed to be connected and placed next to an Amiga 2000.

          3000 or 4000. The unit hos 8 PC style slots and holds up to 9 SCSI hard drives, as well as removable hard drives, tape backup drives and CD-ROM drives, The chassis will house TBCs, editing cards or any other PC style card. It also has LED indicators for two drives. For more information, dealers should contact: BMD-US, P.O. Box 16, Sharpsvllle, PA 16150, 800-233-1679 or FAX 412-962- 1186, Interested individuals should contact their local dealer or call BMD- US for the name of a local dealer.

          Digital Orchestra — Update The price on this eighty disk collection of digitally sampled musical instruments from Fairbrothers, Inc. hos been changed. The new price is 34.95 per disk, 3 or more disks at S3.95 each and 10 or more at 32,95 each. Disks 1 -40 are also available on CD.

          Fairbrothers, Inc. 5054 S22nd St. Arlington. VA 22206. Tel: 703-820-1954.

          FAX 703-820-2164.

          Great Graphics, Low Cost!

          QuickText from Tahoe Software, Etc. Is an interactive desktop video program designed to develop and display almost any type of graphic screen, including titles and credits, pictures, and even animations, Other features include full Arexx support, auto screen sequencing, on-screen timer, text and numeric variables, a recordable and an easy-to-use point- and-click interface, QuickText has been used for 6 years in a computer with a simple genlock in a daily, live newscast and in taping sports events for (oca! TV cable. It can be used as an overhead projector, reader-board,

          silent pager, or teleprompter. “QT is made for any Amiga with Workbench 1.2 or higher.

          You can get a FREE demo from Tahoe Software, Etc. or from the Aminet (biz demo QuickTextdemo.lha). Soon to be released. QuickText PRO will feature remote-control via modem, time-of-day slots, and tiled backdrops. QuickText has an SRP. Of 359.95 Tahoe Software, Etc. PO Box 9236.

          South Lake Tahoe. CA 96158, 916-541-


          BCI-NET CD December 94 — The Latest Aminet Alternative Brought to you by Better Concepts. Inc. this CD contains over 1 GIG of the latest, greatest, most useful programs off of the Internet. Utilities, games, graphics, music, entertainment plus tons more! All complete with a custom built interface written just for this CD that will let you travel through the archived files and allow you to launch any program, without ever leaving the interface.

          Planned to be released quarterly, the latest version available is December ’94.

          Better Concepts. Inc. lOMandon Terrace, New City, NY 10956, Tel 914- 639-5095, FAX 914-634-7097.

          AMIGA Multimedia MM 1200 This system utilizes an advanced graphics architecture chip set to simultaneousiy display graphics in up to 256,000 colors from a palette of over

          16. 8 million, providing life-like NTSC images and adding

          spectacular color to presentations and interactive

          applications. The system comes bundled with SCALA MultiMedia

          Software which is a complete interactive multimedia

          authoring ianguage.

          Easy to use ICONIC Interface, allowing point and click programming with a two button mouse. SCALA comes with fonts, backgrounds, wipes, transitions, drawing tools, sounds and music.

          AMIGA Business Computers. 192 Laurel Road. East Northport, NY 11731, Tel 516- 757-7334. FAX 516-757-7234.

          NEW PRODUCTS omc(otk ToasterPaint and the Amiga operating system that will save you time and increase your productivity. For both professionals and novices, this tape reveals powerful automated functions and shortcuts essential to getting maximum performance from your applications. Secrets shows you how to tap the power of Arexx, Amiga’s scripting language, by creating and editing macros to automate many

          aspects of the Toaster System. Also revealed are tricks like automatic page emboss and reverse emboss, the blur macro and bar graphic macros. For Lightwave 3D users it explores modifying your Lightwave and Modeler configuration files to change your presets, customize the programs and access hidden Modeler macros. The program 1hen takes you inside macros including light swarm, particle clone and random surface points to create UFOs, exploding lights, trees on a random rolling landscape and other astonishing effects. Video Toaster Secrets has a run time of approximately 95 minutes and

          carries a retail price of $ 49.95. it is available at your iocal Video Toaster Dealer, software and hardware resellers or direct from Desktop Images at 1-800- 377-1039.

          Lee Stranahan (lop left) offers inside information in Video Toaster Secrets with secret tips and undocumented features in Lightwave 3D, ToasterPaint and the Amiga operating system through on-screen (bottom left) instruction.

          Desktop Images. 1805 W Magnolia Blvd. Burbank. CA 91506, Fax: 818-841-8023.

          Updated CyberEdit products CyberEdit CM is a professional quality computer assisted video editing system.

          It has a fast, intuitive mouse and keyboard interface. It has an oversized edit list management screen. Experience simultaneous user control of all VCRs with razor-sharp editing accuracy.

          CM requires an accelerated Amiga and has on optional PRO Video Toaster Interface. Starting price is $ 800.00. CyberEdit CM PRO is the enhanced version of CyberEdit which supports the NewTek Video Toaster. You can perform multiple Toaster effects per edit including fade from to Black, digital transitions between edits (AX Roil), transitions from to backdrop pages, all titling keyed on video or Toaster backdrops, frame grabs, and more.

          Versatile Toaster effect management system allows effects that are: cued to tcpe location (HH;MM:SS:FF), to time hold 5 seconds), or chained (end of one starts the next). Starting at S995.00. Cybercall. Inc. 20 Cleveland Ave. Highland Park. NJ 08904. Voice Fax: 908-249-9883.

          AL-MUZIAA, The Ethnic Telepronnpter AL-MUZIAA is an Arabic. Farsi (Persian).

          Urdu Teieprompter. Text is entered through the AMIGA, then it is scrolled on a special monitor with a reflector hood that is placed between the camera and the broadcaster where he or she will read the text as it scrolls, No memorization Is needed. Features: WYSIWYG, speed controlled by a remote hand set, fast Cue marks, and reverse background color. Note: Complete system hardware (monitor, hood, reflector, 8 bracket) are available too. By L.C.P.S. Inc. USA UK. L.C.P.S. Inc. PO Box 2015, Schiller Pork. IL 60176. Tel 708- 678-7183, Fax 708-678-7223.

          DraCo Amiga Clone MacroSystem GmbH of Witten, Germany Is announced the development of their own video and graphics workstation named DraCo. Based on the Motorola 68060, this powerful machine will ship in the Spring of 1995.

          For operating systems the Amiga OS will be standard and UNIX and UNIX clone support is expected. Development and production of DraCo are not dependent upon the current Commodore situation, as this computer is custom chipset independent, Any software program which runs on Amiga graphic boards like the Retina and the Picasso will work in DraCo, This includes Lightwave, AdPro. Image F X, Imagine, Bars and Pipes Pro and most every other professional software package.

          Hardware compatibility is the function of the five Zorro ll slots. These slots allow use of the Toccata, Emplant, Ethernet, Vlab Y C and most other hardware boards. Hardware that requires the custom chip set won’t run in DraCo. This includes 88QK floppies, genlocks, and the Toaster. Pricing is yet to be determined but it will be available in numerous memory and hard drive configurations and will be comparable in price to a similarly equipped A4000.

          NoahJi’s, 3591 Nyland Way. Lafayette.

          CO 80026, Tel 303-499-1975, Fax: 303- 499-1979. Tech: 303-447-8126. BBS: 303- 969-8967.

          Fish Nets Rank in Top Ten Amiga Library Services takes 30% of the top ten spots in the latest GTI-GmbH Amiga CD Tap 50 rankings. The release dated December ’93 places ALS- Goldfish, Vol. II, second. FreshFish, Vol.

          7, seventh and Goldfish Vol. I, ninth in the top ten. GTI-GmbH is the largest CD-ROM distributor in the European marketplace. Released in November ’94 and exclusively distributed by Amiga Library Services. Ught-ROM, a multi-platform CD„ROM dedicated to 3-D LightWave artistry, placed an impressive 26th during its first month of distribution. “We’re excited about the rankings, states founder Fred Fish.

          and look forward to continuing to supply the Amiga community with new products and quality services.

          MacroSystem Releases MovieShop 2.0 MacroSystem GmbH of Witten, Germany announced the release of Version 2.0 of MovieShop software for Vlab Motion. This new release includes full audio support for Vlab Motion from within MovieShop software. The audio possibilities include: user definable envelope curves, audio which is separable from the video, sound files which can be imported, special audio effects, and audio dubbing. Many of these features were originally intended for the Professional version but MacroSystem decided to include this powerful audio support in the standard release to give their

          customers more.

          Significant software enhancements allow higher JPEG compression rates as well as faster rendering times for the long list of digital effects. Digital effects now include reverse, line art, picture-in- picfure, flashbulb, freeze, rotate, and compose — which allows you to combine 24-Bit animations and video.

          The audio capabilities are equally impressive- The envelope curves are completely user definable. Each separate track of audio can range in volume from l -100%. You can have up to 256 different audio tracks on the time line. Audio is also mutable, allowing even more flexibility. The audio files can be stripped from the video scenes, so you’re not stuck with on undesirable audio segment. You can also Import an audio filed from any other source and overlay it with the desired video segment.

          NoahJi’s will include a training video tape with each Vlab Motion beginning in February. This video will briefly explain all of the features of MovieShop. And will include an offer to purchase a more in-depth video directly from the producer.

          NoahJi’s, 3591 Nyland Way. Lafayette, CO 80026. Tel 303-499-1975, Fax: 303- 499-1979. Tech: 303-447-8126, BBS: 303- 969-8967.

          Soft-Logik Moved Soft-Logik has recently moved so the phone numbers and address on registration cards or manuals may not be correct. Please note the following: Sales: 800-829-8608 International Sales: 314-256-9595 Technical Support: 314-256-9333 Paid Technical Support: 800-829-5816 Fax: 314-256-7773 BBS: 314-256-8971 Address: 315 Consort Drive St. Louis. MO 63011 Twist 2 The friendly relational database Twist 2 is the friendly, easy to use relational database for your Amiga computer. Twist’s range of powerful features coupled with its uncluttered graphical interface makes it perfect for

          everything from keeping track of your CD collection to implementing a complete double entry accounting system. Features Include: ability to design your database and reports with flexible point and click graphical tools, a comprehensive set of statistical, string, and logical functions, ful! Arexx support, full Datatype support, the ability to build complex relation databases (N:l and even N:M databases) using simple point and click techniques, full support for Amiga scalable fonts for report output, and output reports to the printer, disk, screen, clipboard. Arexx port, or Twists built in

          editor. Twist 2 works on all Amiga systems, a hard disk and 1 MB of memory are recommended. Twist 2 retails for SI49.95 and Is available now.

          For more information or a copy of detailed product literature contact: Oregon Research, 16200SW Pacific Hwy. Suite 162. Tigard. OR 97224, Tel: 503-620-4919. Fax: 503-624-2940.

          Squirrel SCSI — PCMCIA SCSI-2 Card for A1200 A600 Oregon Research announced this first full featured, plug and play PCMCIA SCSI-2 Interface for the A1200 and A600 computers. Features include: ability to connect up to 7 SCSI devices to your Amiga simultaneously, support of all SCSI and SCSI-2 devices including hard drives, floptical drives, tape drives, Syquest drives, Magneto-optical drives, and SCSI CD-ROM drive, transfer rates up to 1.2 MB sec on an accelerated A1200, up to 3Mb sec on a 68030 accelerated A1200. It has true Hot plug and play, and CD-32 compatibility built In. Squirrel SCSI

          works on any A1200 or A600 and retails for $ 129,95. For more information or a copy of detailed product literature contact: Oregon Research, 16200 SW Pacific Hwy Suite 162, Tigard, OR 97224. Tel: 503-620-4919, Fax: 503-624-2940.

          Chinese English French German Italian Japanese Korean Portuguese Russian Spanish

          • Oglvwt voces oJ native spoaKors RofTlcinCe Languages

          • 25-30 Topes such os Weomcr. Nuotxtrs. Pood, etc. Mg g ‘

          Includes Detonany, Pronunciat-on Gu-OO and OuiZZM Qrjpn1at I


          • Harwy reference lo* the UuOeffl, traveler, bu Sound Effects and Voices Categories (over 80 disks) include: Brass.

          Reeds, Strings, Guitars, Organs, Pianos, Pipes, Choirs, Chords, Harji. Airplanes, Cars Military. Electronic, Scary, Alarms, Bells, Vehicles, Weapons. Human. Voices, more.

          CD with Instrument Samples (28 Disks) — $ 29,95 Court Room — Game of Legal Affairs _ $ 39.95 FairBrothers, Inc. 5054 S. 22nd St. Arlington. VA 22206 tel: (703) 820-1954 fax: (703)391-2164 Call 1-800-GO-WORDS Please specify lun ‘ua c when ordering, free brochure available. Send 55 for dctiw disk rebated on iejrul.it ptirchn send check or money order All orders shipped UPS Ground Add S5 for COD or UPS 2nd Day Air Virginia Resident! Add 4 I 2G Sales lax Visa MC Check Money Order.Canada add 309t if paying Canadian dollars.

          Circle 105 on Reader Service card.

          Wonder Computers Inc. Wonder Computers is Canada’s largest Amiga-Dedicated Dealer. With stores already in Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto, they are opening stores in London, Catgary and Vancouver. Their philosophy is simple, they believe the Amiga is a fantastic machine and it is all they do. All of their personnel own and use Amigas themselves and they are 100% committed to the machine. Their future plan is also simple: to spread right across Canada, (they hope to have 14 stores by the end of 1996); and then enter US markets in need of a good Amiga retail presence.

          In the mean time. Wonder has branched out Into more aspects of the Amiga industry. They have acquired some top-notch people from companies like Commodore and Corel, and have launched a new Division called Lazarus Engineering. Lazarus has already started an aggressive schedule of Amiga hardware and software projects.

          They are proud to announce that they are now the exclusive distributor of PC-Task 3.0 and DirWork 2.1 for North America. PC-Task 3.0 is the first software based Windows emulation for the Amiga, while DirWork is the most Animated.,

          • Create an Animated I Five-bay Weather Forccait ‘ with

          OtluncPaint IV

          • Weathering the Situation

          • Adorage ond ClartSSA

          • TTapFai

          • On The Ball 1.24

          • Distant Sun* vS.O

          • Pi*el3D-Pro Version 2

          • Front Ending C and much more!

          Beginning powerful directory utility available. The SRPs for these products in the US are S129 and $ 89 respectively.

          Wonder Computers Inc. 1301 Richmond Rood, Ottawa. Ontario, Canada K2B 7Y4. Tel: 613-596-2542. Fax: 613-596-9349.

          Plantation InterViSUAL Software has released Plantation, a professional distributed rendering system for lightwave 3D Plantation orchestrates the rendering of Lightwave scenes by multiple Lightwave-equipped machines on a network. Plantation is flexible in the number of machines it will support; and number up to the limit imposed by your license or your network. Unattended rendering or multiple scenes In a single machine is aiso supported. It works on any network that provides a shared directory, including Enlan DFS, Envoy, ParNET, AmiTCP (with NFS) ond others. If directly supports the DPS PAR

          with no additional setup, waiting or worries about sequence. InterViSUAL products feature an upgradeable license, allowing the addition of new machines with a simple phone call. The package also includes a handy scene manager, allowing you to shuttle scenes around your network, or off-line, with ease. An easy to use intuition interface and Commodore installer script make it a breeze to install and use. Plantation requires Lightwave 3.0 or later, and Workbench 2.0 or later.

          InterViSUAL Software, 1080 Horseshore Rd„ Augusta. GA 30906, Tel: 706-793-


          ImageFX 2.0 Now Shipping!

          This upgrade represents over a year and a half of focused work and attention by Nova’s staff. Over a dozen new loaders and savers have been added, more than two dozen new special effects, more retargelability and a new thumbnail preview system are just a few of the highlights. Last minute additions to V2.0 include support for the new Epson 1200c scanner and additional controis for many of its new special effects such as Lightning and PaintFX.

          The SRP is $ 349.95 US. Upgrades from any previous version are only $ 124.95 US to registered owners. For upgrade orders you may call 804-282-1157 or 1- 800-IMAGE-69 in the US and in Canada.

          Nova Design. Inc. 1910 Byrd Avenue, Suite 214. Richmond, VA 23230.

          Customer Support Information 804-282-

          6528. Fax: 804-282-3768.

          IDD’s PC Steering Wheel R X The PC Steering Wheel R X is a realistic reproduction of a race sports cor steering wheel. If is designed to be used with any game card equipped PC compatible computer. When used with NEW PRODUCTS a rc other teatS’ta the Amiga Smart Port, it Is Amiga compatible. It can be used to ploy most any driving game. The wheel tilt can be adjusted to any angle using the UMS mounting plate. An 80 degree eachway full travel and spring centering make for realistic sport driving. The adjustable damping system allows the heaviness of the drive to be changed.

          Two reversible switch modules are located on the ten and two o’clock spokes. SRP is $ 129.95. InterACTIVE Digital Devices, Inc. 6730 West Chicago Street Ste. 5, Chandler, AZ 85226. 602-940-0340.

          IDD’s PC Pedals The PC Pedals is a combination flying driving pedal device and switching center for multiple game products, it is designed to be used with any game card equipped PC compatible computer. When used with the Amiga Smart Port, it is Amiga compatible. In the drive mode, the pedals function Canada’s Leading Amiga Distributor is now carrying NewTek products!

          Call for pricing and availability!

          VIDEO TOASTER eiVer Also distributing products for: Asimware Innovations * NoahJi’s

          * Media Innovations * Amiga Library Services

          * Walnut Creek CD-ROM * PiM Publications

          * DKB * Consultron * Micro R many more!)

          Dealers call for a free catalog!

          All trademarks acknowledged. Legendary can only sell the Psygnosis promotion to end users. Others will he referred to the closest dealer.

          End users can bus the fuliimijig lilies directly from Legendary Distribution (ail other products must be purchased through authorized dealers).

          l§;;i. y ‘ f TiCT 1] ¦. $ 5 Titles Amnios, Aquaventuru, Globdule, Red Zone, Agony, Cart Lewis Challenge, Atomino, Cytron, Barbarian II, Ork, Oh No! More Lemmings DATA DISK, Prime Mover, Vviz’n Liz $ 10 Titles Armagedon, Bill’s Tomato Game, Leander, Lemmings, Walker, Bob’s Bad Day, Brian the Lion. ClifThanger, Dracula. Last Action Hero, Lemmings Chronicles 1200, Puggsy, Second Samauri $ 15 Titles Lemmings 2, Air Support, Lemmings CD32, Microcosm CD n TTnh Irrn ljl — qbST7 JLJlry i I u 1 JttM V % 25 Frontenac Avenue, Brantford, ON N3R 3B7 Tel: (519) 753-6120 Fax: (519) 753-5052 Internet:

          Mr S iff Mr. Mr M!

          Otfljfir Mr VVM Sir ‘t m Sir i i ‘ir i fir Mr VW Mr i i P Mr i S F fir 1 iiP v v itrntr iiM f: frti m 11 tvffi.Bts- tr cc?r r:,i f asv. Tasrt ¦**’.; r*cc-i?

          1 :=!i£S P.L. t ffUMWi’SCVKMifM l?i.

          PftKM KPW furtt. FP.ilKi tWfflt |Ht RIP NEW PRODUCTS a tdotk brake and accelerator, In the fly mode, the outside pedals function dependency as rudder pedals. The Mode Switch makes connecting and disconnecting wires and cables from your gome port unnecessary. A Resume Mode feature allows the user to continue the last mode of play. Also available in fly- and drive- only models. SRPs of 5149.95- 5249,95.

          New Division: Legendary Distribution Legendary Design Technologies announced the creation of a new division, Legendary Distribution is an Amiga Hardware Software distributor dealing with Canadian dealers only.

          Presently, over 25 companies have their products distributed by them including NoahJi’s, Asimware Innovations, Nova Design, Interworks. Softwood and more.

          Dealers in the US should contact MicroPace for Legendary Design Technologies’ Product, International Dealers Distributors should contact Legendary Design Technologies directly.

          Learn more by contacting Legendary Design Technologies Inc. 25 Frontenac Avenue, Brantford, Ontario, Canada N3R 3B7, Tel 519-753-6120. Fax 519-753-


          IDD’s Amiga Smart Port — Pius digital joystick, and fully compatible IBM PC dial analog joystick game port.

          Simply press the button on the device to S IWWfit air SH.B !3 Cttw 1 Hrin 1 be used and automatic electronic switching does the rest. Two sets of X- and Y-axes trim adjustments are provided to set analog ports for maximum performance. Includes SmartPortCal software which allows the user to view all digital and analog system values. For all Amigas with any version of Workbench. Includes selected analog upgrades, two 9 pin computer cables and a one year warranty. SRP is

          559. 95 Printer Driver for Epson Stylus Color Printer Endicor

          Technologies, Inc. has a new driver for the Epson. It is a

          standard Workbench preferences printer driver for the Epson

          Stylus Color Inkjet Printer.

          The driver program takes full advantage of the printer’s 720 x 720 dpi printing and supports optional MlcroWeave printing, an Epson feature that uses overlapping passes to reduce banding.

          Including documentation in English only, it requires Workbench 1.3 or greater and an Epson Stylus Color Printer. This version

          1. 0 retails for 544.95 Endicor Technologies, Inc. P.O. Box

          29000 355, San Antonio, TX 78229, Tel Fax: 210-650-4988.

          InfoNEXUS — File Manager InfoNEXUS Is a file management system which allows you to quickly and easily move, rename, delete, sequence, view, launch, hear, unpack and archive your files like never before. This can happen locally or over an ‘Envoy’ Network giving you control of just a few, or thousands of files, developed for In house use at Optonica on multimedia CD productions, each with many thousands of files. Features include: ECS, AGA and 24 bit picture viewing on any Amiga, built In text editor, On-line, context sensitive help system, extensible command editor, directory caching with

          floppy disk preferencing, comprehensive file filtering, disk install and formatting, dynamic directory and device list updating, full OS legal and InfoNEXUS is a fiie management system which allows you to move, rename, delete, sequence, view, launch, hear, unpack and archive your files locally or over an ‘Envoy’ Network permitting control of just a few, or thousands of files.

          It si multi-tasking, and much more. The program works on any Amiga with OS

          1. 3 or above with 1 MB RAM and it is PAL and NTSC compatible,

          Optonica Ltd. 1 The Terrace. High Street, Lutterworth, Leics,

          England LE17 4BA, Tel: 44-455-556282. Fax: 44-455-559386.

          Y C Plus Inc. Y C Plus Inc. has introduced several new products. With the shortage of the Amiga monitors, the new YCP-GA Amiga Graphics Adapter allows you to use any six Y C (S-Video) input monitor.

          The output can then be recorded by any S-VHS, Hi-8, and many of the component VCR’s. It retails for 599.95. Another new product is the YCP-GA-C the composite version of the YCP-GA which retails for 599.95. The YCP-100 is the only Y C adapter that delivers the ultimate quality from the Video Toaster and Flyer.

          It hooks directly to the Video Toaster 4000 without modified or special cables.

          The YCP-100 installation to a VT-2000 (A2000) system will require a modified ribbon cable with an additional connector to interface directly to the top of the Flyer.

          One new product for the BetaCam end users is the soon to be released YCP-BCR time base corrector remote control. The SRP will be 5249.00. The unit wiil control video levels, hue. Chroma, and black levels.

          Y C Plus, Inc. 310 SW 6th Street, Topeka, KS 66603-3109. Tel: 800-521-1700, SX Image Editor MD+F Inc. announced their first software product for the Amiga called the SX Image Editor. Designed for the advanced Amiga user, the fully multitasking SX provides image editing, processing, and cataloging features.

          The extendible SX includes popular import and export modules (BMP, GIF, JPEG, SUN Roster,basic image processing modules (Blur, Sharpen.

          Color Filter), and a powerful, multi-user database engine. SX shipped in January of 1995 and Includes a free upgrade coupon to the OS 2 Warp and PowerPC (AIX) versions under development. Amiga SX requires an AGA Amiga, but a Hard Drive. 68030 40+ and 8 MB memory are strongly recommended. The introductory price Is S50.00. MD+F Inc. P.O. Box 682, Vienna, VA 22183, Notice for AMOS Programmers With Playfieid unpublished since March ’94. AMOS programmers may be interested in these two choices: the AMOS Club USA which is switching from newsletter to disk format in 1995, and the new Whitby AMOS

          Ciub in the UK which has completed 3 double disk Amiga Telecommunications enters the 90’s!

          Finally, eveiylhing you need to start cruising the Information Super Highway in one easy to use package.

          Termite is so easy to use even a novice telecommunicator will feel at home, yet if has all of the power and high end features to satisfy the most seasoned modem warrior.

          • Designed from the ground up ot Oregon Research to take full

          advantage of Amiga WB 2.0 end higher! • 100% Amiga Style Guide


          • Supports communication speeds from 300 to 115.200 BPS!_

          • Flexible Phane Book with unique configurations for eoch number

          ; rib’- -. Sr ; a=i =2l

          • Support for Multiple Line BBSs Kit mjr-jij

          Your own icons? No problem, just assign your own IFF brush to the button!!

          • Fully Arexx programmable for full automation!

          • Automatic Script writer. Turn on script recording and have

          FKnora.tiu-c Products Prom OREGON

          • Automatic Call logging. Know where you were, when you were

          there, and bow much you spent

          • Supports Amiga standard XPR libraries giving you e wide range

          of transfer protocols including Xmodem, Vmodem, Zmodem, Kermit,

          CompuServe B+, etc.

          • Supports Amiga standard XEM external terminal emulations in

          addition to the built in ANSI and VT102 terminal emulations.

          Support for RIP XEM.

          M KAlfli8ftiiTHgr Tired of the limitations of those BASIC game development systems??

          Ready for one that you car REALLY sink your teeth into. Fast Parallax scrolling? No problem. Dual Playfields. A piece of cake! Multiple viewports with multiple animated objects on independent paths with multipile background Professional Gome development is mode easy with the GameSmith Development System from Oregon Research, Over three years in development, the GameSmith Development system gives you the low level power to create the mosterpeice of yaur dreams. The peckage hos over 350 pages of documentation fully describing the system,

          utility functions, ond over 130 library functions complete witli a detailed tutorial and many examples with source.

          • Complete animation system with double buffering • Prioritized

          object display

          • Custom Object Object

          animating one animates the whole chain!

          • Automatic Virtue! Space object handling • Dynamic Animation

          Control 7 n if air-nr

          • Build up your animations graphically in the interactive

          character animator CITAS. Customize all aspects of the object

          including sequence, placement, speed, display method i

          priority, object collision detection parameters. Save,

          everything out as a single object addressable by the system!

          • Complete Audio System to moke sound playback easy!

          • Automatic load and ploy of IFF samples • Background sound

          replay • Easy to use Joystick polling routines • Very efficient

          ILBM picture loader • Optional custom encryption to protect

          your artwork and sounds! • Fully AGA compatible

          • Includes DICE GS C Compiler and Oevpac GS Assembler The perfect

          solution for shoot ’em ups to graphic adventures.

          Don’t let the limitations of yesterday keep you from forging the masterpiece of tomorrow!

          Boy GameSmith today!

          N TrJfi Address Book and Contact Manager, To Do list, and FreeForm Notepad. Get On The Balll ‘View ond print configurable appointment tri §o§) £F (jO C TWIIiS? £

          (A) ‘ A Also from Oicgon Research. Devpac 3, HiSoft BASIC 2 ,

          and Highspeed PASCAL 1 AGA Color 1 PH: (503) 620-4919

          MegnloSound, Aura Color Video Audio Digitizer £ Sequencer

          outputs AWM5’s, electronic color splitter available up disk

          audio samplers, editors, and playback. VideoMaster A500 and

          information: Oregon Research 16200 S.W. Pccific Hwy. Suite

          complete with cut copy paste, search ond replace, copy to

          • Attach notes to calender, appointment, to-do list or

          addressbook. Auto dote time stamp

          • Create yoor own lobelsfe.g. Personal, Business, Birthdays,

          etc.) to categorize ond organize

          • Extensive Arexx support for script control

          • Customize oil screens week, month,

          or year

          • 11 repeat modes to schedule appointments

          • Configurable reminders with ’snooze

          • Flexible appointment search copobilities

          • iconifies to o convenient monthly calendar

          • Reminders con launch Arexx scripts, programs

          • Automatically delete old appointments

          • Contact Management. Dialer Auto rarlinler.

          • Convenient Rolodex layout for locating addresses.

          Sort ond search by any field Li! Ft1.’

          I. Finally, a plug ond play SCSI 2 solution for your A1200 and A600!

          Named for the famous storage hungry animal, trie Squirrel SCSI interface simply plugs into your PCMCIA port, This instantly opens up a whole new world of possibilities! Attach up to 7 different devices including: Hard Disks,Tape Drives, Syquest, Floptical, and any SCSI CD-ROM drive including 3 and 4x drives Completely compatible with any SCSI 1 or SCSI 2 device. Squirrel SCSI achives a transfer rate 1,2Mb sec an a stock At 200 and 3 Mb sec on a 68030 accelerated At 200.

          Drivers ore all CD32 compatible so you can run your favorite CD32 titles like Diggers, Brutal Football. Liberation, etc. Squirrel comes complete with SCSI software drivers and a host of utility programs including an audio CD player, a CD to HD sampler, and easy to use SCSI formatting and partitioning.

          The Friendly Relational Database Graphically create your databases and reports with the easy to use, uncluttered user interface. Twist is the perfect database for your CD collection to a full double entry business accounting system. And it’s fully relational and FAST.

          Import Expart ta other database formats. Full clipboard support for data exchange with other programs. Full Arexx support for fatal automation of database tasks. Font and screen sensitive to make your reports look great! Much much more.

          ‘ 1 professional language development systems.

          • *. and Clarity 16 — Direct to Calf, write, e-moil, or FAX for

          more n M FAX:[503) 624-2940 Internet: orres@teleport.rom Genie:

          ORA CompuServe: 71333,2655 Circle 107 on Reader Service card.

          NEW PRODUCTS a re oth Addresses are: AMOS Club USA. PO Box 11434, Milwaukee. Wl 53211 and Whitby AMOS Club 5 Lockton Rd. Whitby. N. Yorkshire, UK Y021 3NB, Tour the Texture Gallery Fred Fish and Amiga Library Services announces the April ’95 release of Texture Gallery, TG is a multi-platform,

          1. 2 GB 2 CD-ROM set containing hundreds of 24 bit textures in a

          wide range of file formats (IFF. TARGA, JPEG

          marble, and skin are just a few of the texture categories

          contained on this CD. All textures are represented with

          thumbnail renderings allowing artists easy previewing, TG’s

          textures are perfect for use with Lightwave 3D and can be used

          to create bump maps.

          Price is S44.95. And the Adventure continues. ALS also announces the upcoming Aprii ’95 release of the “must have CD for Lightwave artistry, UGHT-ROM 2.

          Containing 650 MB of ready to render scene files, textures and images, the multi-platform, LR 2 CD contains over 3500 objects and is now 100% LlghtWave Video Toaster material. All this, plus thumbnail renderings and the exclusive Showcase directory, guide artists Into a new and exciting Lightwave world to explore, Its price tag is listed at S39.95. Super_DJC3 from Creative Focus The new Creative Focus Super_DJC3 Amiga color printer driver works with all Flewlett-Packard DeskJets, including the 1200C. 520.560C and the new 540 C.

          Graphics capability has much improved without proprietary Stochastic Diffusion dithering technology. The program also provides direct Preferences access to 14 distinct typefaces in 6 different font sizes. Text output with 14 powerful extended commands. Choose between letter, legal, A4 and envelope paper sizes; also stack envelopes with the 520, 550C and 560C. For specific software packages you can turn off perforation skip, disable the driver’s color correction and font selection, or select typefaces and character sets via font numbers. It is compatible with AmigaDOS releases 1.3 through

          3.1. List Price is S60.00. Super_U4 from Creative Focus Super_LJ4 is the long-awaited PCL5 Amiga driver for Hewlett Packard LaserJets. You won’t need an expensive Postscript upgrade to access the capabilities of these amazing printers. A few of 1he features Include: compatibility with all LaserJet4s. Including 4L and 4P, easy, direct control over ECONOMODE printing, exceptional greyscale graphics, support for 600 DPI graphics, and powerful extended commands providing access to all 45 internal typefaces, including Symbols and Wingdings. List price is S60.00, Creative Focus, Box 580, Chenango

          Bridge. NY 13745-0580, Tel 607-648-4082 Real 3D 3.0 Realsoft and Activa International announce the release of Real 3D 3.0. They expect to start shipping by the end of March. All registered users of Real 3D will be contacted about update procedures and will be offered a special update bundle with the new version of TVPaint 3.0. Highlights of Real 3D 3.0 include: faster rendering, background blitting, post processing effects, an extended animation system, a faster easier access to commonly used functions, a new type of view mode in which the user can now draw curves on the surface of other

          objects, a hot key to repeat the last function, envelope control for accurate key frame animation editing, and much more.

          They have also released TV Paint

          3. 0, This version offers an unlimited number of brushes, pencils

          and crayons, a palette with more colors than you can think of.

          And direct access to the Personal Animation Recorder for

          rotoscoping, or re-touchlng frames of video. These are just a

          few of the 2100 functions that make up this program.

          With TVPaint 3.0 you are not painting a single image but on three superimposed images. These images are mixed in real time on the screen by taking the transparency level of each pixel into account. These three layers allow the separation of different parts of a scene.

          The layers can be saved as a project or combined as a single image. Registered users can upgrade to the new version at a specially reduced price.

          Activa International, PO Box 338. 1250 AH Laren NH. The Netherlands, Fax: 31 2153 80639 EasyLedgers2 Run multiple businesses! Run versions for different countries! Australia, USA. N2 and UK VAT versions are all on the same disk. The program offers General Ledger, Debtors Ledger, Creditors Ledger, Full Job costing.

          Inventory, Store details for valuable items in the inventory and more. Pay less in accountant fees at tax time, have a better tax return and enter details of your important purchases which can be used for a tax rebate. Start your own business or help others, Find a niche and make money using your computer, teach the kids the value of using their pocket money wisely or just manage Ihe family budget. The SRP is approximately SUS 299 at today’s current exchange rates. Upgrading for previous EasyLedgers or Service Industry Accounting users = S210 plus S30 — direct from Smail-Biz in Australia (

          use your credit card).

          Smali-Biz Software Pty. Ltd. PO Box 24.

          Golden Beach. Queensland 4551 Australia, Tel: 61 74 91 9190, Fax: 61 7492


          Applied Magic Introduces the Broadcaster Elite Non-Linear Video Editing System The Broadcaster Elite is designed to enhance the video editor’s ability to compose Images and sound with unprecedented control and creativity.

          This is the system for the professional who wants the power and tools to create top quality videos. It is capable of transfer rates equivalent to the fastest SCSI II hard drives on the market. The result is lower compression ratios and fewer losses. The versatile Elite works in composite, Y C or Betacam SP formats.

          To work in the component domain, the Broadcaster Elite uses three on-board digitizers for Betacom SP, one for each component of Y, CR. And Cb. The system conforms to CCIR601 broadcast standards while providing for component, composite or s-Video inputs and outputs. Capture and playback is a full 30 frames 60 fields per second (NTSC) and 25 frames 50 fields per second (PAL). Editing is precise and efficient as the Elite can read and write SMPTE time code. It also allows for multiple Edit Decisions Lists (EDLs). Entry level prices begin at S5995. For product brochures, technical information

          and video demonstrations tapes, call 1 800 619 ELITE .AC. New Product?

          Industry Announcement?

          Send it to: New Products Editor Amazing Computing

          P. O. Box 2140 Fall River, MA 02722-2140

          (508) 678-4200 FAX (508) 675-6002 Please call for art


          TM Address-It!

          Manage your mailing lists the easy way! The latest version sports the 3D1′ look and is compatible with all word processors, Print labels, phone books, envelopes, rosters and more!


          Nw% NEW!* Now you can transfer files from your Amiga to your PC!

          Or, use it Amiga-2-Amiga or PC-2-PC!

          CD-ROM 1 igadformat fonts, clip art, und, 3D objects, music ve,5i Dedicated invoicing software for any business!

          Custom invoice layout, detailed reports, statements and more! New version includes product database and automatic interest charges.

          It’s finally here! An easy way to transfer files of all sizes from computer to computer. This product works between two Amiga’s, two PC’s, or between an Amiga and a PC. There is no other product like it!

          • Serial or Parallel transfer.

          • Perform file conversion as you transfer! Imagine selecting

          several IFF picture files on the Amiga and have them

          transferred in PCX format to your PC!

          • Extensive AREXX™ interface — evens allows you to send commands

          to the remote computer.

          • Easy, one-terminal operation.

          • Both Amiga and Windows™ versions included!

          • Conversion and file display programs are completely external

          and therefore completely upgradeable as new file formats become


          • Automatically adjust filenames and file patterns to match the

          appropriate machine.

          • Amiga version supports ioExtender and Multiface cards.

          TM dataTAX ’94 Do your taxes the easy way!

          (Formerly known as TaxBreak1,vl from Oxxi) 1040 (United States) Schedules A.B.C.D.E.F.R Forms 8606, 4562, 2106. 3903. 8615, 4868, 8829. W-2, 1099-R.

          Worksheets, and many, many morel T1 General (Canada) Tl Pages 1-4, Schedules 1-9.

          Provincial Taxes Minimum Tax, Northern Residents, Worksheets, and mnnv. Inanv mure!

          Includes a high-speed parallel cable.

          Only $ 59.95!

          Call, write, or fax for UPGRADE Information! ($ 29.95 for the upgrade, $ 59.95 for first-time buyers) us Tmf Hot New Price!

          SFX Single Volume: T !¦. |SPr $ 29’95 ‘MiWtprofessional backgrmai xr 4_volUtne: $ 99.95 1: Scenic Brantford, ON CANADA N3R 3B7

          P. O. Box 1147, Lewiston, NY 14092-8147 U.S.A. Tel: (519)

          trademarks mentioned are properly of their respective holders.

          Genie Tools Add on functionality for Aladdin 4D Review by Dave Matthews Aladdin 4D (Adspec, Inc.) is a powerful 3D package, but somehow, no matter how many features a package has, we’ve all muttered Gee. if it only had Ihis one special function! Adspec, realizing the wealth of talent and imagination in the Amiga programming community, has opened Aladdin’s Modeler to outside developers.

          Genie Tools (Shead Data Processing) is the first available third party extension for Aladdin 4D, All the Genie tools follow the Amiga and Aladdin interface guidelines, and once installed are available in Aladdin’s external gadget list. Every tool has both written documentation (formatted to fit in the Aladdin binder) and on-line help available at the click of a button. So far, there are two volumes available, each offering significant enhancements for the Aladdin artist.

          Genie Tools is available as two volumes. Volume 1 at S34.95 and Volume 2 at S49.95. Each Genie Tools Volume comes on a single disk, and include the actual tools, several tutorials, the printed manual pages, and additional developer information for those interested in creating their own tools for Aladdin.

          Default Type t I TendPHU I Polygons IIOTKL.-‘ ( Or, J HDIKi. ¦

          t. farm. ImTMTY I Bl. Par**. -¦ ‘ Updol. Hfl TKF Y | Hotl.TV

          Figure 2 Clop): The Mobius strip object. The white areas show

          the degenerate polygons.

          Which were converted to triangles using GenieTools Triangles.

          Figure 3 (bottom): The FFDeform requestor.

          The disk has a functional if somewhat Spartan install script (which mimics the Aladdin 4D Install script). I find it odd that neither Shead Data Processing nor Adspec have chosen to use Commodore’s installer program. The installation process installs the tools and their associated on-line help files in your Aladdin4D:Tools and A!addin4D:Help drawers.

          Once the tools and help files are installed, you are given the option to install the developer kit and tutorials. Strangely enough, the script will only install these to floppy disks. The Developer files consist of new and updated (and screened for bugs) material to the developer information released with Aladdin 3.0. Of more interest to the average Aladdin user will be the Tutorial disks. There are six tutorials covering the new Genie Tools Volume 1, (plus one nifty trick for using Aladdin’s sweep tool for radial extrudes). Volume two has ten tutorials. The tutorials for both volumes include

          objects, related IFF texture maps, and clearly written instructions, which should prove sufficient to leam the basks of these new tools, though a firm grasp of Aladdin 4D is expected, Genie Tools Volume One TriSub is a handy tool which sub-divides triangles by connecting tiieir midpoints. This is useful when you need to add detail to an object.

          DoBeSphere conforms selected polys to the surface of a virtual sphere, useful for making triangle based spheres.

          FoIyWrap allows you to wrap polys, or complete objects, onto the surface of a sphere or cylinder. This is excellent for making dents in objects, as well as making organic melt)’ looking objects. One of the more interesting, and complicated tools is called LissaCurve. This tools generates Lissajous (pronounced LISS-SAY- JUS) curves. What the heck are Lissajous cui-ves? Beats tne! Well, seriously, this is a method for creating smoothly curving paths in 3D space, using sine functions. The requester that opens up for this tool may seem frightening to the mathematically disadvantaged, with terms

          like Xfreq, Yamp and Modulate, but you don’t need to really know any math to get some really wild roller coaster type curves going. These curves can be used to extrude along, or as motion paths for other objects, such as the cars careening aiong the roller coaster tracks!

          Random is a tool for moving points randomly. This can be used to create landscapes, asteroids, or just ‘rough up’ an object.

          Execute is a handy if unassuming tool that lets you execute AmigaDOS commands right from within Aladdin. Unfortunately, it doesn’t open an output window, so if you want to see the results, such as listing the hard drive, or deleting files or whatever, you will have to ilip back to Workbench anyway.

          If you do commercial animating, you may find AnimLen could easily pay for the price of Genie Tools. AnimLen allows you to change the length of animations, while carefully maintaining your timing throughout. As you know, if you’ve done any Aladdin animating, animation timing is referenced both in relative (a percentage of time) and absolute (a number of frames) terms. While quite flexible, this can create problems when you need to lengthen or shorten an animation segment. If your animation is synced to a sound track, you’ll often find Aladdin has stretched out or squashed the timing, requiring

          a good bit of tedious reworking to get it back in sync. GenieTool’s AnimLen does all (well, most) of this reworking for you, saving loads of time (and time IS money in computer animation), not to mention aggravation. One minor flaw is Cspline timing, which AnimLen can’t fix. Bven noting that, this tool is a lifesaver for working with long complicated animations.

          LnssoSel is a tool for selecting polys using a ‘lasso’. You simply draw around the polys you want, and LnssoSel selects them, or if you choose, selects everything but the ones you have enclosed.

          One of my favorite tools is Deform map. Similar to Lightwave’s Displacement Mapping, this tool allows you to use greyscale images to deform objects. Unlike bump mapping, which only simulates bumps, and doesn’t change the object, DeformMap actually uses the brightness of the image to move the polys from their original position. Very bright areas move the points furthest, while black areas don’t change the polys at all. Deform map applies images much the same way as Aladdin uses images for textures, so this tool is quite easy to use. You can use project, cylindrical and spherical mapping, you

          can set the amplitude (how much the bitmap affects the polys), and you have the same options for bitmaps: tiles, negative, X and Y flipping, X and Y indexes, and offsets etc. Simple, ‘clean’ bitmaps work best, highly detailed, grainy or dithered pictures tend to be too noisy for good results.

          Also, you need lots of polys in your object to get decent results.

          The final tutorial covers the use of Aladdin’s Sweep function to perform a radial extrude- One of the examples is a ‘bird cage’, where you extrude the points of a sphere inward toward the center.

          (continued on page 20) Figure 1 (above left): Mobius Strip Figures 4 — 6 (right-top to bottom): Using Bones for character animation. Frames from the SheadSaver” animation tutorial.

          AlphaPaint What is older than the hills and twice as overgrown with time? Give up? Why it’s ToasterPaint, of course. The new ToasterPaint (that comes with the 4,0 software and which may actuallv be out when you read this) promises to be a hundred times better than the older version. But my advance scouts tell me that the competition, AlphaPaint from JnnoVision Technology, is the better of the two, As I’m writing this there is no copy of ToasterPaint 4.0 in my personal hands, so all i can attest to is the power and versatility of AlphaPaint, which 1 will now elaborate on.

          “A is for Alpha There are two main types of paint programs for computers. One might be described as DTP software, meant for by R. Shamms Mortier desktop publishing and printed or slide copy as the final target. The second, of which AlphaPaint is a prime example, has output targeted to video. AlphaPaint was designed to replace the painting program, ToasterPaint, that comes with the NewTek Video Toaster, a miraculous all around video tool originally developed on and for the Amiga.

          What makes video paint programs reallv different from their DTP cousins is that often the images designed with them are meant to be combined with a live video feed, so that there are areas w ithin the video graphic that have to be told to allow the video signal to show through, areas that are designed to be transparent.

          These areas can differ from the other areas of the graphic in either a hard-edged or a soft-edged fashion. The whole graphic can even be designed to be transparent to differing levels for the video feed, it is common for a paint program these days to be known as a 32-bit paint program. This means that there are 24 bitplnnes (over 16,000,000 million colors) for painting and an 8 bitplane (256 levels of grayscale or luma information) Alpha channel. The Video Toaster is a video tool, so it accepts Alpha channel information. The Alpha in AlphaPaint tells us immediately that we can

          work on and manipulate a full Alpha channel in addition to the other attributes of the 24-bit paint program. All of the graphics that are generated by AlphaPaint, both the 24-bit color program and the additional Alpha channel, appear on the Toaster’s DV) screen, the same screen used to address video effects. This is a marriage made in digital heaven.

          When creating the design of the Alpha channel, full black is 100% transparent and full white is 100% opaque. Anything in between has a varying degree of transparency. the more black the more transparent. You can design an Alpha channel graphic with any paint program that outputs a gray level picture. The advantage of working with AlphaPaint when doing this is that you can see the results of your work (how it addresses the video signal) immediately. Creating soft-edged graphics that blend seamlessly with the video signal lias never been so easy, and because Alpha Paint’s Alpha channel

          is open to all of the extensive painting tools that the 24-bit part of the painting program contains, Alpha channel painting has never before been possible at this high professional level.

          A Paiette Like No Other One of the most unique features of AlphaPaint is its palette. Not only does it contain wells for user selectable colors, but a range of specific fills. Usually, you have to enter a separate part of a paint program in order to access gradient ranged fills or radial fills, but AlphaPaint makes everything accessible from one palette. In addition to colors, the AlphaPaint palette has wells dedicated to various color gradient fills (over 200) making the use of separate gradient requesters unnecessary, it may take a little getting used to for the inexperienced user, but in

          the end the application of color spreads and radial fills accessed in this manner leads to easier and faster operation. Ail of the colors in any of the fills may be changed to user specifications, and the whole business reminds me of how a similar feat is accomplished in another InnoVision product: Broadcast Titler.

          AlphaPaint brings true 24-bit plus Alpha Channel painting to the Toaster user, avoiding the pitfalls of ToasterPaint. With AlphaPaint, you paint directly on the composite Toaster screen, so what you see is absolutely what you get. Save Load paths are remembered, and large (even screen size) brushes don’t choke the system.

          Though there is a limited brush manipulation list at this time (negative, oil paint, and sharpen blur), Innovision is in the process of developing a separate disk of additional manipulation tools. Most numeric input is aided by the use of sliders, with numeric values displayed next to the slide bar. Multiple undo and redo functions also distinguish AlphaPaint from ToasterPaint. There is even a special panic MncroKey (FI) that can be accessed at any time to reset ail but the palette settings.

          A Wealth of Pens and Brushes AlphaPaint allows the electronic artist to write to the screen in two ways. The first is called pen mode, and it allows you to paint with a brush up to 64 pixels wide, which beats the ToasterPaint record by a long shot. The unique ways that AlphaPaint alters standard pen mode interactions includes allowing the user to adjust the pen size and the feathering (the blending of the stroke’s edges into the background) with a variety of interactive sliders on the main menu, in addition, anv pen can be rotated interactively for even more variety.

          Pens also respond to variable transparency settings in real time, giving you instant feedback (especially useful in Alpha channel work), Multiple undo redo operations assure you of getting just the effect that’s needed without any punish- With AlphaPaint, you paint directly on the composite Toaster screen, so what you see is absolutely what you get.

          Ment exacted for exploring and experimenting. A user variable zoom mode aids the drawing process, allowing you (o gei as close as necessary to retouch any anomalies.

          As Pen Mode is selected with a pen shaped icon, so Brush Mode is incorporated by a brush shaped one. Every detail of making (ire program’s operation more intuitive has been incorporated by InnoVision. Brush mode is used when you import a brush from Storage or need to use a selected area of the screen as a painting element. Any brush can be targeted for an outline, shadow, or glow, in addition to feathering the edge so that it sits softly upon the background. Future versions of the program will have expanded effects libraries for altering brushes.


          800-735-2633 800-735-2633 Upgrades though it’s reported that ToasterPaint 4 will also address some of these operations.

          To begin with, AlphaPaint can accept three of the most useful Toaster font file formats: Toaster Fonts, ColorFonts, and PostScript. Toaster Fonts come in banks and were the fonts included with the Toaster. They are not nearly as adjustable and resizable as PostScript fonts. ColorFonts constitute a registered Amiga font family that come already filled with various textures, from gold to marble to clouds and fire. Toaster 3.0 added an extensive library of PostScript fonts which are resizable and look good at any size. AlphaPaint allows the use of any of these options. It really shines when

          PostScript fonts are chosen however, because it allows the user to wrap PostScripted text in adjustable oval circular arrangements, a admittedly terrifying challenge to accomplish by hand. A full preview of the circular action is presented in a dedicated preview area of the font requester, as well as a rotation adjustment control. If you need to justify your purchase of this software, this attribute alone may be reason enough.

          And Much More Video artists are often called upon to enclose graphics in a linear frame in order to accentuate visibility against a busy background. AlphaPaint goes one better by adding a beveled appearance to a graphic frame (the frame size is adjustable via a slider) and adding adjustable glows as well. Both of these options are unique to AlphaPaint alone. There is also an Onion Skin option that allows the user to see a ghosted image of the buffer screen so that painting thru to another image can be accomplished with the expected results.

          A Winner tor Toaster Painters The software comes with a thick indexed thirty chapter manual in loose leaf three-ring binder format, making it easy to read and wrork through. There are 14 deep tutorials, a reference section, and a thorough index (hooray!). I have used AlphaPaint in the creation of a series of screens for an instructional video, and find new uses for it every day. NBC, a stronghold of Amiga graphics and animation facilities, has ordered a shipment of AlphaPaint packages for its production department, and the other networks and broadcasting outlets that are Toasted are expected

          to follow suit, Like all InnoVision’s wares, a dedicated work through of the manual should allow most users to store it away, relying instead upon their intuitive use of the software from that point forward. The software includes support for a graphics tablet bv addressing such issues as pen pressure and other options. Instead of running away from ToasterPaint towards other wares to create needed graphics screens for the Toaster, AlphaPaint allows the Toaster user to remain within the Toaster environment while creating high quality professional results. 1 highly recommend this software as a

          replacement for ToasterPaint.

          AlphaPaint MSLP: $ 699.95 Innovtsion Technology 1933 Davis Street Suite 238 San Leandro, CA 94577

          (510) 638-0800 ,Ar.

          1 PAWS Kit Includes: Laptop Case, Trackball Color Display, Power Supply w Battery Coming Soon

          • P.O. Box 1825. Manassas. VA 22110 703-330-7290 (Voice Fax) •

          Circle 115 on Reader Service card.

          (continued from page 15) Genie Tools Volume Two With Genie Tools, Volume 2, Shead Data Processing managed to do what few Hollywood studios have- create a sequel even better than the original. Consisting of 10 new tools and updates of the AnimLen and LassoSet tools from Volume 1, Volume 2 offers a wealth of new possibilities to Aladdin 4D owners.

          One of the most useful new tools, and one which affects all aspects of working with Aladdin and Genie Tools, is Hotkeys.

          Hotkeys allows you to assign menu functions, gadgets and even external programs to keypresses. The hotkeys editor makes it easy to configure these keys, and any qualifiers you wish, such as left or right shift, alt, and Amiga kevs. It’s hard to express just how much Hotkeys can improve your productivity.

          Triangles is a tool for subdividing rectangles and triangles.

          Unlike Aladdin’s Triangle tool, this version can be told to only subdivide degenerate polys. As you know, degenerate polys are often created in the course of modeling, and cause rendering problems unless turned into triangles. GenieTools’ smart triangles can save astonishing amounts of ram by only subdividing those degenerate polys which need to be converted to triangles. For instance, the Mobius strip object (Figures 1 and 2) was over a third smaller when using the GenieTools Triangles. The white areas on the Mobius strip in Figure 2 are the polygons which were subdivided.

          FFDefomi is a supercharged version of Aladdin’s Stretch tool, and is probably the most powerful modeling tool in the GenieTools series. FFDefomi introduces a new class of Memory Resident Tools (MRT). MRT allows interactive usage along with other Aladdin tools. Using ibis feature, along with Hotkeys, FFDeform allows you shape and deform objects in an intuitive, organic way, using any external tool. Tools such as Scale, Rotate and MultiPnt_2 add nearly endless flexibility and power to mold and deform objects.

          Even more exciting for animators is an implementation of Bones using FFDeform! Bones are extremely useful for creating organic lifelike character animation. While this is not full blown Inverse Kinematics, FFDeform does allow for quite exciting character animations. Figure 3 shows the FFDeform requester, and Figures 4 — 6 show three frames from the ShendSaver animation using Bones.

          Portable Amiga Workstation PAWS 3000 Mu!tipnt_2 is a revamped version of Aladdin’s Multipnt, With this tool, you can select ail or part of an object’s points, and give them ‘permission’. With permission on, a point can be moved, with permission off, it is locked and cannot be changed. The GenieTools offers multiple selection, de-selection and inversion of points.

          And 4000 Stats is a sort of dashboard gauge display information on a point’s location and relative distance from other points, quite useful when you need accurate drawing.

          T PAWS 600 and 1200 ShowDir is an interactive tool which allows viewing and changing the first point and direction of a poly.

          ViewTo is another handy tool which allows setting the viewpoint either from point to point (for instance, from the camera to the target) or perpendicular to a polv. This last is useful for using Free Angle texture mapping.

          Panornma_L allows loading scene files from the fractal landscape program Panorama.

          P_Instance (permanent instancing) is a powerful cloning tool.

          Unlike Aladdin’s instancing, which creates clones which exist only for the duration of the animation, P Instance creates actual objects, using cubic, cylindrical and spherical patterns, as well as scaling and rotation.

          Also included are a faster version of LassoSel, and an update to AnimLen which now handles fountains and also adds frames to either the beginning or end of an Anim.

          Finally, Volume 2 offers a tool called UnShade, which corrects a potential problem with Aladdin’s shading. This tool is freely distributable to all Aladdin owners.

          For those who can never get enough. Shead Data Processing has some very exciting products in the pipeline as well. Scheduled for release soon is a tutorial package on using Aladdin’s powerful and flexible (if somewhat intimidating) textures. Later releases include the Magic Carpet AnimMod ules, the first of which, Flock, promises to add such features as swarming and flocking behavior for groups of objects. Other promised modules will include physics and collision detection. Also waiting in the wings is the L-Systems Developer’s Kit, which will model and animate biological structures, from

          cellular layers to plants and trees. This package awaits the release of Aladdin 4.0, due out the first quarter of ’95.

          While casual users might balk at the thought of shelling out yet more money to enhance an already powerful program, GenieTools (especially Volume 2) expands the powerful of Aladdin immeasurable. The HotKeys alone could easily save you enough time to pay for the package. If you’re serious about Aladdin, Volume 2 at the very least is a must have.

          Genie Tools Shead Data Processing 4610 Eubank Blvd. NE 1118 Albuquerque, NM 87111 505-881-4874

          • AC- Not only is Nova Design responsible for the development of

          the hottest new image manipulation system on the Amiga, they

          are also a friendly group of folks more than willing to tell

          their story to the Amiga public at large. This interview is a

          proof of that willingness, and the answers to my questions

          proved very interesting as a way of getting to know Nova better

          as well as discerning the possible futures of tine Amiga from

          their remarks. The interview was with Boh Fisher, the marketing

          director and spokesperson for the group.

          We’ve had fantastic success in the Amiga market and see no reason to go elsewhere. There is no other operating system that even compares to the Amiga’s.

          Q: When was Nova formed, and what were its first products?

          A: Nova Design was formed in early 1991.

          ImageFX and CineMorph are our first products.

          Q: Who are the principal members of Nova Design?

          A: Principal members of Nova Design are: Thomas Krehbiei — Programming; Kermit Woodall — Research and Design; Bob Fisher

          — Public Relations Q: What are your collective backgrounds?

          A: Our backgrounds are varied as are our tasks in the company, Thomas Krehbiei is a self taught Amiga programmer, and his work is recognized by many Amiga users for a whole list of software in the public domain as well as on the commercial shelves. Kermit Woodall, on the other hand, is a former C64 C128 programmer and interface designer and his experience is much deeper and connected to various Commodore platforms. As for me, 1 have many years of sales, management, and PR experience in both retail and wholesale for local and national organizations.

          As an interesting aside, we al! Met in our local Amiga User Croup; the Richmond Amiga Group (RAG). I ran the group at that time and continue to do so today. Both Tom and Kermit continue to be active members and officers in the group as well.

          Q: How about your experience with the Amiga?

          A: Tom has been programming on the Amiga since 1987, and it was essentially the platform he started to program on. Kermit hung on to his C64 and C128 until 1988 when he traded them for an Amiga 1000. As for me, I’ve been playing with the Amiga since 1986. I’ve been involved as both the Nova marketing person and as an animator.

          Q: What about development for other platforms?

          A: At this time, Nova Design does not develop for other platforms outside of the Amiga, though with the release of ImageFX

          2. 0, we consider our software to be the best in its class on any


          Q: Can you detail the reasons that Nova has decided to stick with the Amiga instead of looking towards other lucrative markets?

          A: We’ve had fantastic success in the Amiga market and see no reason to go elsewhere.

          There is no other operating system that even compares to the Amiga’s.

          Q: How about ImageFX? What is its history?

          A: ImageFX started life as scanner control software, but it quickly grew into a complete image processing package. We thought it was time for a full featured, all- in-one image processing, special effects package that was not available on the Amiga prior to the release ot ImageFX.

          There were certain criteria from which we worked; 1) It had to work on all Amigas. 2) it had to be easy to use. 3) It had to he a stand-alone package, not tied to any hardware- 4) It had to be affordable, with no hidden add-ons, such as having to buy another package because the base package didn’t include your particular file format or was missing a desired special effect. 3) It had to be expandable. We felt that we achieved these goals with IFX’s initial release, and now witli the latest releases we are going farther than we ever dreamed possible.

          Mon.- Sat. —

          .-;nxT —i r 10am-6pm LCHNOLOGYr’ (Central Time)

          (800) 556-1562 FAX: (402)556-6160 (BtmmBm? NE $ $ ll(!D4 Fargo

          Printers Fargo Primera Fargo Primera Pro T-Shirt Transfers

          (10) 5739,95 51349,95 i-onin i ransrers jiuj 516.95:

          Premium Paper (200) 519.95. you need it, we’ll supply it I

          Brilliance Deluxe Paint V Image FX 2.0 AD Pro 2.5

          MegaLoSound Pyramid MIDI Interface Light ROM CD Vidi RT 12

          framegrabber Retina 2.3 Upgrade

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