Rbs 6601 инструкция ericsson

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Ericsson RBS 6601

Multi-standard zero-footprint main-remote base station

Ericsson RBS 6601 is a very small indoor main-remote unit which can be inserted into a standard 19 inch rack or an existing macro RBS.

Ericsson’s offering

The 6601 provides a solution to very challenging sites when minimal space is available, for example indoor metropolitan sites and indoor coverage solutions.

The main-remote concept provides the same high-performance network capabilities as macro base stations, but with lower power consumption and less site requirements.

The radio units connected to the RBS 6601 main unit can be either Remote Radio Units (RRU), designed to allow easy deployment, preferably close to the antennas for pole, wall or tower installation, thereby minimizing feeder losses. The other alternative is to use Antenna-Integrated Radio units (AIR), where the radio unit and the antenna are combined into a single unit and installed in the usual antenna location.

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