Casio digital camera qv-r40 инструкция

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Casio Digital Camera QV-R40 (System Error-0e01)

Please i really need your help. My digital camera has developed a fault and each time i try to power it on, it gives me the message SYSTEM ERROR (0e01) please i need you technical advice on what to do. Thank you LEVI




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My casio elexim has a system error 0e01. Thanks. Irene.

System error 0e01 When I turn my camera on this is what comes up on the screen what could cause this

Casio qv r40 digital camera. dead power (even on new batteries), lens stuck-up at extended position.

qvr40 casio camera womt turn on qvr40casio camera wont turn on

Will not show pitchers,says card error on the screen,when you try to look at the card,but will take pitcher on the camera?

Casio QV-R40 camera just bought second-hand appears to function fine taking indoor photo’s that require flash. However — photo’s taken outdoors in normal light all have a blue/green tint and photo not very clear. No SD card in camera — all settings to default — problem persists. Have I bought a Duff camera. Your observations appreciated.

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